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When Restricted Life Force Leads to…

The Alexander Technique helps people overcome body pain, low energy and poor health.

Learn how Michael Joseph uses The Alexander Technique to:

Learn about The Alexander Technique

Mental and physical habits acquired over a lifetime can shape your body in ways that lead to discomfort and lower performance. Take control with this powerful, natural approach.

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Wealth of the Alexander Technique

Listen to Doug O’Brian talk about the Alexander Technique and Michael Joseph (1 min 36 sec)

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Clients Talk about How Our Work Helped Them

“My whole life has changed as a result of learning how to deal with and heal my neck pain. This goes beyond posture. It is an attitude of how we present our self.”
‒Katharine, Sonoma County

“Michael has helped me to relieve and move through back / hip pain and stress in my body.” ‒Alice Knutson, MFT, San Francisco

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