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Client Testimonials for Practitioner Michael Joseph

My Whole Life Has Changed

“I thought I was going to learn about posture with The Alexander Technique. Was I surprised! My whole life has changed as a result of learning how to deal with and heal my neck pain. This goes beyond posture, it as an attitude of how we present and support our self. I recommend Michael Joseph and The Alexander Technique to anyone.”

‒Katharine, Sonoma County

I Always Leave a Session Feeling a Sense of Expansion

“Michael is an excellent and skilled teacher with The Alexander Technique. He is incredibly intuitive, gentle, and patient. He has helped me to relieve and move through back / hip pain and stress in my body. I always leave a session feeling a sense of expansion, relief, empowered and extremely inspired. My life has changed on multiple levels because of The Alexander Technique and working with Michael. I recommend this to everyone!”

‒Alice Knutson, Marriage & Family Therapist, San Francisco

My Legs are Functioning Like they Did Years Ago

“At the age of 83, I had decided there was little I could do to improve the discomfort in my hip and legs that made it difficult for me to walk, even the shortest distance. But, now, thanks to The Alexander Technique and the work and instruction I received from Michael Joseph. My legs are functioning like they did years ago. I can never thank Michael Joseph enough for the vast improvement this has made in my life. I am so grateful and intend to continue the sessions in the future.”

‒Marilyn, Sonoma County

The Alexander Technique Helps Musicians

“Bringing awareness to how the body moves and maintaining relaxation while playing an instrument is paramount to performing and Alexander Technique will help you accomplish this. I completed 20 sessions of Alexander Technique study and enjoy the results I feel. I recommend working with A/T teacher Michael Joseph, and believe the Alexander Technique will benefit anyone, especially budding musicians!”

‒Cathy Young, Music Teacher and Performer, Hawaii

I Became Aware of How to Use My Body Gracefully

“I became aware of how to use my body gracefully and efficiently with the Alexander Technique. Michael helped me turn my life around with his precision, skill, and nurturing nature. I recommend Michael to anyone, I mean every word of it!”

‒Miki Glucksman, C.M.T, Marin County

I Felt a Release In My Neck and Shoulders I Had Never Before Felt

“Michael Joseph's work in the Alexander Technique is truly transformative, as he helps you ease away years of tension, physical and emotional scar tissue. His work seems both subtle and monumental, and when I was in the process, I found it to be both relaxing and eye opening. After the first session, I felt a softness and release in my neck and shoulders that I had never before felt. Give it a try -- you will not regret it!

‒Casey Beck, Yoga Instructor, Sonoma, CA.

“I move in freedom and balance with the Alexander Technique.”

The Alexander Technique has allowed me to change the way I hold and move my body!