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Awareness In Motion

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Private Sessions

When You Come in for a Session…

The lesson is 45-60 minutes. Please wear loose comfortable clothing to move in. We will stop core habits that diminish movement, and use gentle hands-on, verbal directions and visualizations to give you a sensory feeling of the concept.

I use table work to explore range of motion where habits of the mind and body are easily recognized. Then we move into everyday standing, walking and sitting activities, and introduce more complex movement and exercises as you begin to integrate the principles.

Why do I Need a Session… and How Many?

We are dealing with our habits of a lifetime. This is not a quick fix or passive therapy. Together we explore what takes away and what gives energy to your body, mind and spirit. The number of sessions depends on the level of understanding and comprehension or if you are dealing with a chronic situation.    

Many people notice change in just 1-3 sessions. However, 5-10 sessions gives a deeper understanding, and 15-30 sessions allow you to clarify and integrate aspects of balance, comfort and connection to your environment.

I strongly recommend a minimum of 15 sessions (coming once to twice a week) to strengthen and maintain independence. This is an evolutionary, ongoing practice once you discover that there is no going back.

In a Session You Will Learn…

You will become aware of the difference between diminishing and healthy mental and physical habits. You will also learn how to balance muscle groups, improve your posture and kinesthetic sense, clarify and define how to reside in your body  and make healthier choices. After a session, most people express feelings of being lighter, taller, more balanced on their feet, more expansive, in less pain and even, “Wow it looks brighter in here!”

"When you drop into the depth of your skeleton for support, your body will move freely through the use of intuition, instincts, kinesthetic sense, your Self Connection." ‒Michael Joseph